Bangla for Kids

Bangla for Kids

Bangla, a language of at least 230 million people, made it one of the most spoken languages in the world. It is the only language for which people sacrificed their lives in 1952. Bangla is not only the national language of Bangladesh, rather we have emotion for it as well. It is our mother tongue in which we express our emotions, we see our dreams, and we exchange our views with each other. But in this modern age, we are witnessing that our new generation is failing to be competent, fluent, and eloquent in the Bangla language. Especially the students who are from the English medium background are facing such problems. This course is offered by Hasanah Academy to solve this emerging problem.

Bangla for Kids

Bangla for Kids

Course Overview

Hasanah Academy has offered this course to serve the purpose of creating a good platform for our children to learn the Bangla language. This is a course that will help them acquire their mother tongue most easily and scientifically. We are committed to serving the best instructors for the new Generation of the Bengali community people most professionally. This course will be a perfect platform for the children of the Bengali community and people of different countries to develop their Bangla language. 

Learn Bangla for Kids

Instructor: Mahmudul Hasan, Riazul Islam & Mahmud Sarwar Aftab.

Four Months Courses: 32 sessions.

Monthly Plans

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2 days a week3 days a week4 days a week

90 minutes class

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75 minutes class

Free trial Class

Free trial Class

Free trial Class

1 to 1 Live Classes

1 to 1 Live Classes

1 to 1 Live Classes

Monthly Fee: 50 Dollars
Monthly Fee: 80 Dollars
Monthly Fee: 120 Dollars

Teacher of the Course

Academic Background:

He has completed his B. A from North South University, Bangladesh from the Department of English and Modern Languages, majoring in English linguistics.

Experience & Aptitudes:

He was one of the founders of IQRA Institute. He worked as a teacher in Sapporo Islamic International School and in TESOL Bangladesh. He also worked as a content writer in Noman. Health.


Mahmudul Hasan is one of the lead instructors and experts in Hasanah Academy with his dedicated career in teaching. His expertise is in teaching, speaking, presenting, mentoring, writing, research work, and socio-cultural activities.


Hasan is a highly professional English teacher with unique and creative teaching ideas and expertise. He has special skills in communication, presentation, pronunciation, and writing. He is a specialist mentor with practical ability and experience. 

The Course Curriculum (Full)

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Bangla alphabets
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Objectives of the Course

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Top Reasons to Study at Hasanah Academy

We assure you that Hasanah will always provide you with the best instructors to fulfill your dreams. All of our instructors have a potential academic background with a high level of skills in their field of knowledge. All of our teachers are properly guided and they are experienced enough to make your dreams come true.
Language is the medium of communication, cooperation, and source of gaining knowledge. This is the first door to enter into the ocean of knowledge for which we have given the highest priority in learning English, Bangla, and Arabic. Thus, Hasanah will be the best place for you to achieve proper fluency and proficiency in all these languages.
Hasanah is a ground to fulfill your dreams with the easiest accessibility as it is an online platform and open for all people throughout the world.
We have special priority for the children for which we offer special programs for the children whom we consider as the future of the nation. We have a special plan for the children to make them smart and well prepared to take on the challenges which they will have to face in the future.
In this technology-based modern world, we have a special focus on developing soft skills. And we have a huge amount of necessary resources as well.
Hasanah has offered you to learn Quran, Hadith, and other religious studies. It has opened the ground for the common people to achieve proficiency in all of these studies in the easiest way possible.
Hasanah is deeply focused on making moral enlightened students who would have etiquette, norm, and values.
Hashanah can be the best place for women to learn Quran and to study religion as it has offered a totally different and separate platform. Hasanah has separate platforms for women in other fields of studies considering their comfort, ease, and freedom. And it has special offers and programs for women as Hasanah believes in equal rights of gaining knowledge for them.
What Our Students Say


This is an amazing course. I am so much thankful and grateful to Hasanah Academy for bringing me to this excellent learning platform. Thank you

Mahfuzur Rahman